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Welcome to RA Organics! We are a superfood smoothie and juice lounge dedicated to providing healthy organic nutrition to the community. RA organics is a spiritually based business that was created in 2016 inspired by a 6 month spiritual pilgrimage by its founder Arjuna Ra. Come In, Get Activated, and Reconnect with the power of Nature’s gifts in a conscious environment.

Greetings and welcome to RA Organics,

arjuna-raMy name is Arjuna Ra. I am the founder of a new concept: The Superfood Lounge. We are a spiritually based business focused on creating healthy, delicious and nutritious superfood smoothies, juices, healthy snacks and coffee in a casual cafe environment. Ra Organics is a healing and uplifting gathering place to get recharged, reenergized, and rejuvenated! Come hang out and get educated on healthiest foods available. Free Wi-Fi and private meeting rooms available.

Our superfood blends contain the highest quality herbs sourced from HealthForce Superfoods. Our blends are Organic, Wildcrafted and 100% TruGanic. TruGanic is HealthForce’s pure, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production. Ingredients must pass rigorous testing (that no other standard requires) to verify non-GMO status and ensure they are 100% free of pesticides and irradiation.


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